Cornerstone Industries

Recycling Centers

Recycling Centers are great places for Community Benefit to thrive! These social enterprises create jobs, pay for themselves, help pay for Kings Gospel Mission services, and help the environment.

We call it the TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE! 1) Provide a benefit, 2) Self-sustainable revenue; & 3) Good for the environment .

Thrift Store

Our thrift store in downtown Hanford, Ca is a modern industrial deco store with great deals all the time. We have a wonderful community of people working here, donating here, and buying here all knowing that they are supporting work and living for the members of our community.


We contract with various agencies and businesses in Hanford to keep our community clean. Our men and women:

  • Pressure Wash
  • Clean Awnings
  • Remove Graffiti
  • Clean Junk and Lots
  • Assist with Moving
  • Clean Downtown Trash Enclosures

It is all part of opportunities for men and women to work and provide for their own livelihoods.