Cornerstone Housing

Room & Board Facilities

We provide houses for men and women who can afford to live on their own creating a sober, encouraging and supportive environment.

It is a sad fact that there are many well adjusted and independent peole who are homeless because of a low credit score or a checkered past. It is simply risky for individual landlords or apartment complexes to rent to some folks.

This is why Cornerstone focuses on housing also. We know men and women can thrive once supported with their needs. We have successfully assisted many folks out of homelessness just by providing the space and means.

We charge $600 a month for a room, utilities, food and laundry service included.

Recuperative Room & Board

Hospitalizations are a reality for the homeless. These human beings live in very unsanitary conditions in a high stress environment. Many times the culmination of these conditions lands them in the ER. Our partnering healthcare network, Adventist Health, has recognized this deep need to provide a stable recuperation following a hospitalization for their patients. We partner to provide safe, clean environments for 90 days and work with the client to get further living and working conditions. It is very successful for folks who are willing to heal.

Recuperation gives the willing a chance to breath, learn and lean into the next chapter successfully.

South Hanford Housing Development

Coming Soon, we are working hard to develop commercial opportunities and affordable housing options on 4 acres we own in South Hanford.