Belonging to a new group – we believe who you hang around determines how you view life. We are clear about our love of Jesus Christ. Following His teachings requires that we treat each other well. This is a new affinity – a new belonging to a group of people focused on healthy living instead of the dangers and problems of the streets or substance abuse.

Therefore, Christian Discipleship is the primary focus of Kings Gospel Mission. Coming to know Christ and then follow God in His word is a process that has many different facets. Below is an small explanation of how we do this in our community.

Introduction – Most of our guests and residents do not personally know Jesus Christ when they first began to spend time with us. We are accepting of that and willing to answer questions, share the truth of Christ according to the Bible and let God through His Holy Spirit guide the soften of their heart.

Salvation – When we have men who accept the free offer of salvation from the Lord, we focus on early steps as a new follower of Christ, including Baptism.

Sanctification – We then shift the focus to understanding what God has for us in this life as his followers. This process will take a lifetime of community, study, prayer, and contemplation. We model and teach the habits necessary to be successful.

We realize that not everyone is ready to hear this truth, but that wont stop us from loving our neighbor on the street or stuck in addiction through opportunities to thrive, like jobs or houses.