About Us

KINGS GOSPEL MISSION IS A 501(c)3 PUBLIC BENEFIT CORPORATION owned and operated by Cornerstone Community Alcohol and Other Drug Recovery Systems, inc..


Our Mission:  Through the power of Christ, Kings Gospel Mission transforms lives and provides a path to flourishing for the homeless.

Our Vision:

Rescue with Dignity

Train on Christian Discipleship

Build pathways to a thriving livelihood

We Value:

The Great Commandment: A Gospel-centered focus with dedicated commitment to seek God and care for our neighbor.

Stewardship: A flexible, scalable, and collaborative community benefit organization providing leadership and innovation in Kings County.

Sustainability: A mix of resources without relying on one source of revenue to sustain our offerings, with a focus on meeting the triple bottom line of Christian entrepreneurship (sustainable, environmentally-friendly, community-benefit).

Innovation: Create programs focused on early prevention efforts, removal of client barriers, and restoration of dignity.

We are proud and productive members of:

The Association of Gospel Rescue Missions

The Kings United Way

The Kings Partnership for Prevention

If you would like to support our mission, please contact us at:


or call us at 559-415-6700

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