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Kings County’s 1st Homeless Rescue Mission starts a recycling center     

How do you end homelessness…? Dignity. What provides dignity, a purpose!

Kings Gospel Mission, Kings County’s first homeless rescue mission, continues to show men a flourishing purpose for their lives. By starting a new Recycling Center in Armona, Kings Gospel Mission is providing job opportunities for individuals and is using an entrepreneurial approach to pay for its programs. CEO Dave Clevenger states, “Primarily we want people to know that God loves them and offers eternal salvation, and then we want people to find a dignified purpose in their lives. Stable housing is a by-product of those pursuits.”

Kings Gospel Mission will open the center at 13747 6th Street on April 19th. It will accept all CRV items from metal cans, to plastic and glass bottles. Clevenger states, “the revenue from the site provides a paycheck to men, work training for our program residents and helps us provide our programs.”

Kings Gospel Mission provides Overnight Shelter for up to 20 men, a life Transformation Program for 8 men, and a Room and Board facility for people who have income but cannot find affordable housing. Clevenger further states, “Together with the Community, we are transforming lives. We do it by removing barriers and giving opportunities which mainstream society supports… business, jobs, homes, & community.”

It is easy to support the mission’s effort, bring your recyclables to the site in Armona. You get CRV refunds, the mission gets program revenue, the men get opportunity. It’s win, win, win!

For more information on the mission and the innovative steps they are taking to impact this community, please visit

For more information on Recycling, phone 559-415-6700 or visit


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