How KGM Helps

We believe homelessness is a problem of broken relationship… broken relationship to God, society, and self.  We address these broken relationships by carefully walking with each individual to overcome their relationship challenges. Every person has a unique story and we endeavor to know the people we serve and love them through their specific circumstance.

Brokenness to God: We will encourage an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ and teach about his saving Grace.

Brokenness to society: We will teach life skills, hygiene, and habits which encourage success in a productive and fulfilling context.

Brokenness to self: We will work with the individual to address self-worth and the chemical, physical and/or mental barriers to realizing one’s total worth.

How will we make it happen:

A Street Presence and Overnight Shelter:  We begin by providing an alternative to the streets in a overnight shelter where men can rest, fellowship with other men in a healthy environment, do their laundry, shower and sleep in peace, while we get to know them.

A Life Transformation Program:  When men are ready, they can join our Life Transformation Program. An intensive exploration of spirituality focused on Christ, life readiness skills, and vocational preparedness. The individual must be ready for this step, it requires commitment and dedication.

An Independent Site and Community: After transformation, a independent living situation with after-care, social fellowship, and ongoing mentorship. Research has shown that people are successful when they have support networks to reach out to when the times get tough. We will continue to be this for our graduates.

Please partner with us, together we are transforming lives!


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