How can I help?

At Kings Gospel Mission we reach the homeless through the generous support of the community. Here are some of our current needs as of December 3, 2016:

People Needs:

Physical Needs:

  • Lockers (Estimated at $250 per locker, 30 needed)  — Donate here!
  • Metal Bunks (Estimated at $400 per bunk, 15 needed)  — Donate here!

Sponsor Staff Training:

Recyclables: Cans, glass, plastic… Anything with CRV! Also, we take e-Waste and metal. All of this is scrap and brings revenue!

–Donated goods. We can sell almost anything. If we cant sell it, we share it with other Non-profit agencies. Cars, Trucks, Furniture, Bikes. All of it is tax-deductible.

Prayer, please pray for the leadership and the men. We are all working together to make this homelessness a distant memory. We are making a big impact in King’s County — a God-sized impact!

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