The power of a simple Hello everyday

I wonder if you realize how far an undeserved/unsolicited/unexpected hello goes in a person’s life.

Do you? I thought I did but then I met Roger (names changed to protect the innocent). You see Roger is not the typical Senior Citizen. He was homeless, but definitely shouldn’t be. He has an income, he has a schedule to keep. He has a sense of humor. He has a story. But he is a little too open and a little too nice for the street.

You may not have known this but Kings Gospel Mission recently opened an 8 bed Room and Board facility in Hanford. The men who live there, pay their way for rent, food and entertainment. There are ample homeless men who have the means but for many reasons have barriers to adequate housing. This is our butter. The Lord is our Bread. With His blessing we have been able to expand and now offer this site.

Back to Roger, the street was a lonely place for him. We met him through our overnight accommodations. And once he started living in our room and board, he started getting hello’s from many of the staff who work there. Ah, finally the point! Roger is opening up, laughing more, sharing more and feeling right at home. The more we learn about him the more we know what he truly needs to thrive.

Roger has a “trustee”. Really his trustee is a caring soul who has the ability and compassion to check on him. She has noticed a big difference in him since he arrived. So the next time someone just needs a hello, remember that we all have a story and regular hellos can lead to life changing results.

God Bless You.

Dave Clevenger, CEO

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