The Boss Said, “Make a new Website”

And here it is!


My name is Leonard. About a week ago my boss and director tasked me with redesigning our web site to a more modern look. With a set of instructions using examples from three completely separate web designs I went to work, with plenty of coffee. I hope you like it

The Details

Details, details, and more details!  Everything from layout to the specific fonts used for each element I went step-by-step and line-by-line digging through the existing CSS and HTML code using the convenient developer tools now available on most modern browsers to dig under the hood of the examples to see how it all works.  But sometimes, you just have to start from scratch and experiment until you get the look you want.  Trial and error can be a pain but it pays off in the end if you’re persistent.

The Work

Did I mention coffee?  Lots and lots of coffee.  Staring at a computer screen all day is not anywhere near as fun when you’re not playing a video game or coding in your choice of high-level language.  In fact, it’s tiring.  The backside of your eyes hurt and you can even develop a headache from the level of focus required if you’re not careful.  Looking and writing code in a font small enough to see most of the code context is a strain.  Then you can get frustrated when the elements of your design aren’t lining up like you expected.  After a while you start to wonder if the coding direction you’ve been working on will ever work at all.  You just either push through it with persistence or finally move on to another way.

The Product

The fruits of my labor now presented to you, to make it easier for you to do the things you do.  From getting the information you might thirst for or to inspire you to take action, it is my endeavor to make fluid, seamless, convenient, and easy on your eyes.

If you have any design suggestions or are experiencing a problem with the site, please leave a comment below.

Note to boss:  This is just an example post for testing.


From the boss: Leonard did a great job with our new website. And he is for hire. Leonard is one of our Graduates, a key staff member and a bona fide computer geek. We would love to share his talent… because it makes him thrive. In case you didn’t know, Kings Gospel Mission is all about teaching and encouraging Christian Discipleship, thriving livlihoods, and meaningful work. Good job Leonard! We Praise God about you.

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